Music Man StingRay 5

I got this fantastically coloured Music Man in 2007 and I've played most of my sessions and gigs with it ever since. Still I give big thanks to Stephen Stalter who helped me with getting this fine intrument.


That strap I got from Sweden after accidentally bumping some expensive guitars in a local music shop - I made it up by buying something.

MarkBass Little Mark II & GT Brick

This MarkBass head I've used on 90% of all my gigs since I bought it in 2007. Nowadays I tend to use my GT Brick as a DI. That one I got from Vili Hänninen probably in 2010.

Royal Standard

This is a robust 2-reed Made-in-DDR accordion. It's been my all-around tool when I need a small & light accordion with a loud sound. I found it from Hämeenlinna via Tevari Music Shop's Harri Salminen in an unbelievably mint condition. I reckon it's hardly used at all since it left East Germany in the seventies.


It's certainly not to be compared to the fancy Italian accordions, but with the microphones Arvi Jokinen put into it, it's perfectly useful little instrument.

Fender T-Bucket Bass

I started craving an acoustic bass to play on Mariska's more acoustic gigs. So I went testing some in Helsinki, but didn't quite find anything I liked very much.


Finally in 2013 I found this one in Tallinn. To be honest, it was a pure impulse purchase. After Timo Mustonen fixed it for me in Fiskars, I'ts been a real pleasure to play.

I've actually used it quite a bit on Jarkko Martikainen's gigs, and with Ûber Aber, too. The sound is adorably - well - acoustic!


La Melodiosa

I got this miked 4 reed accordion as a trade-in when I took my old Borsini to Perttu Paappanen to fix.


Until 2013 it was my main accordion to use, both in sessions and on gigs.

MarkBass 8 x 10"

I bought this huge piece of good sound in 2010 to use it at Mariska's gigs. Since we were "just" a trio, it felt a good idea to have a bit more equipment on the stage to compensate our lack of staff. And, we had Finland's best road crew guys to carry it around.

Danelectro Longhorn

Pasi Huttula sold me this in 2006 since he had practically no use at all for a "plastic" bass such as this.


I got super excited about it's wonderful weight/sound ratio, and I've used it everywhere, even on radio recordings.

Kasuga J-bass

Kasuga J-bass is made in Japan in the 70's. I found this in 2007 from Soitin Laine music shop in Turku. The original pickups weren't that marvellous, so I took this to Aki Rintamäki, who charged it with brand new DiMarzio's and changed the pick guard.


When I got it, it had flat wound strings, and after a couple of years I also changed flats back to it myself. I've recorded some tracks of Kukkurukuu album with it.

Tokai Fretless J-bass

I got his "AOR bass" from The Crash guys after I did some tours with them. It had been completely idle at their rehearsal room in Turku for years.


My guitar-repair-god Aki Rintamäki noticed it had no battery for the active pick-ups, but strangely enough, no room for one either (!). Aki carved some more space under the pick guard to fit the battery, and behold!


I've used it mostly in sessions, the sound is just as fretlessly jazz-bassy as you might expect.

Höfner electric guitar

My dad Francisco bought this hollow body electric in guitar in 1965 while he was living in Helsinki from an italian colleague of his. The model is probably '63. Pekka Helanen repaired and restored it around 2000, and I've kept is as a sort of a family jewel a couple of years.

Egmond 12-string

My dad Francisco got this from my uncle Timo Innanen, who probably bought this from Kouvola in the seventies.

It's sound has really deep lows, a long sustain and there's width to it. And wide is the neck, too.

It was in bad shape for years, but Mikko Törmikoski did good job fixing it and changing the tuning keys.